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Clamp-Together Ducting is a better option than traditional ducting systems

Feb 12

Clamp-Together Ducting is a better option than traditional ducting systems

Clam-together ducting has many advantages over other options, whether you are looking for a ducting solution that is efficient for dust collection or mist collection. Many of the benefits are obvious, like the ease of assembly and easy installation. Others only become apparent after you plan your system.

Here are some reasons why clamping-together ducting is so useful:

  • Installation flexibility for pre-ordering Clamp-together Ducting is far easier than spiral-wound ductwork. Spiral-wound ductwork installation in Columbus can be used. It is manufactured to the exact dimensions of the pick-up points and collection system. While it's a good idea to measure exactly, in the dust- or mist-collection applications you'll need to wait to order your custom ducting until the equipment and system are installed. Custom ducting systems require precise dimensions before installation can be made. If you don't measure correctly, it will be a long wait.

    Clamp-together Ducting allows you to use the system's dimensions to determine how many duct parts and fittings are needed to install other equipment. You can make sure that your mist- or dust-collection ductwork arrives when you order.

  • Food and Safety Inspections: Advantages Food safety inspectors such as the AIB (American Institute of Baking), appreciate clamp-together systems for their ease of cleaning.

    If you have ducting that has been custom-made for your system, AIB guidelines will require employees to have access doors that allow them to clean the dust collection systems. This increases the cost and makes the job of food inspectors a little more difficult.

    Clamp-together, ductwork can be disassembled and cleaned easily by food safety inspectors.

  • Fire Protection – The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), prefers metal ductwork because it can be ground, while PVC or plastic pipe used as ducting can't. Grounding the ductwork greatly reduces the likelihood of sparks setting off an explosion of combustible dust. This could pose a danger in a variety of applications. For example, sawdust and flour dust as well as grain dust can all be combustible.
  • Relocating key equipment is easy If you are using custom ducting and decide to relocate your equipment you'll have to cut the original ducting, if not the entire system.

    Clamp-together ducting allows you to make minor modifications without needing to completely redesign the system. Although you may need to alter or remove a few pieces of ducting, every part will be able to be used in the new configuration. If you do have to order parts, most parts can be shipped within a week.

  • True modularity in OEM Systems Clamp-together Ducting is especially beneficial for OEMs who manufacture systems. For easy packing and shipping, you can unclamp the ducting before shipping it to your customer.

    Once the system is delivered, it can be assembled to its correct configuration quickly. The flexibility of Columbus Airduct Cleaner parts will be appreciated by your customers as certain components can be changed or moved quickly.

Overall, clamp-together is more reliable and efficient than custom-fabricated systems. Columbus Airduct Cleaning Systems' modular design can greatly benefit any organization that uses dust-collection and mist-collection systems. For more information, contact us today to speak to a ductwork expert.


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