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Furnace Maintenance Tasks You Can Handle Yourself

Apr 4

furnace maintenanceWhile furnace servicing is best left to the professionals, there are a few heating maintenance tasks you can do on your own to ensure your unit continues to operate at peak efficiency. Here are some of them: 

Clean the Filters 

The filter is one of the most common HVAC components that accumulate dust, pet dander, and pollen, so make sure it's clean. The dirtier the filter, the harder your furnace needs to work, affecting its longevity and causing your electric bills to increase. 

To clean your filter, simply use water or mild detergent mixed with vinegar on its nook and cranny. Then, don’t forget to rinse it off properly before re-installation.

If deep cleaning doesn’t work, you can consider a replacement and there are many options to consider, helping you find one that fits your specific needs and requirements.

Add Fresh Oil or Lubricant to the Motor

What’s the furnace component that forces conditioned warm air to the ductwork and your home? It’s the heating motor. But its efficiency may change with frequent use. 

In order to stay efficient, furnace motors require a steady stream of clean oil or lubricant and if you haven't had furnace maintenance London, ON done since you first purchased the appliance, make sure to add fresh oil to the motor and its bearings yourself once every three years.

Inspect Blower Belt for Wear and Tear

The blower belt of your furnace impels air into your home and ensures that your heating motor does not overheat. A worn-out or loose blower belt, on the other hand, stretches too far when hot,causing heat to build up within the other HVAC components. This can lead to frequent breakdowns or, worse, failure when left unchecked. 

To inspect the blower belt, look for any signs of a crack. Whether it looks worn or frayed, it’s necessary to replace it right away. But if you don't have enough time and the necessary materials, it's wise to contact the pros for furnace maintenance London, ON

Clean Burners

Generally, burners should be cleaned once a year. Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for one long year to pass. If there’s black soot building up along the seams or at the top of the burners, you should have it inspected immediately. 

To clean furnace burners, all you have to do is use a brush to remove a large chunk of soot along the seams, inside the burner tubes, and around the door hinges. Then, don’t forget to apply an effective cleaning solution into the chamber below the unit. You can ask for help from an expert in furnace maintenance London, ON for better and safer results. 

Check the Heat Exchanger 

If your furnace comes with a heat exchanger (a metal furnace component that transfers heat out of vents), it should be checked before the first cold snap in the fall as it’s prone to corrosion.

While rust may seem a simple problem, it can cause the heat exchanger to crack, allowing the carbon monoxide to leak. Therefore, regular heat exchanger inspection or cleaning is something you should not miss. 

Tricky Furnace Maintenance Issues? Call MaxCare Heating and Cooling!

For advanced heating maintenance issues, MaxCare Heating and Cooling is the expert to contact. From a buildup of dirt in the ductwork to a crack in your unit’s copper coil, they have certified and trained technicians you can trust. 

They also specialize in furnace cleaning, so if you don’t have the time and the resources for a DIY project, don’t forget that they’re just a call away.

Contact them at 519-641-9000 to detect any problem in your unit before it becomes serious and extensive.