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When to Upgrade Your Heat Pump?

Apr 5

heating replacementA new heat pump can break your bank. It can cost between $3,875 and $7,625 in general. But it also depends on the brand, the size of your home, and the type of heat pump you want. That’s why some homeowners usually have their units repaired to help them stay comfy during long warmer days. But it is more affordable than frequent repairs. 

Here are a few signs to look out for when you need a brand-new heating system:

Decreased Heating Capability

A heating unit that starts struggling to maintain a warm temperature during the chilly months may be on its way out. You can also have it repaired in the meantime. But if nothing works, it's time to consider a heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC, before your unit becomes an energy hog and poses a potential danger to you and your family.

No Heat at All During Cold Months

A heat pump is supposed to provide warmth regardless of the season. If your unit keeps shutting off when it should be working, then it could be a sign of a serious problem, and it's time for you to schedule a consultation with a local HVAC contractor or plan on getting a heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC, right away.

Inefficient Heating Process

Efficiency plays an integral role when determining your heating costs during the cold season. So, when your HVAC system isn't doing the job right, you could expect higher electric bills because of constant repairs or maintenance visits needed to keep your heat pump running at 100% efficiency.

Inadequate Heating System Size

When your heat pump isn't large enough to heat your home, you will surely feel the discomfort of coldness from time to time, no matter how well you set up your thermostat. This is another sign that you need a heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC, as soon as possible. 

To choose the perfect heat pump size for your specific requirements, make sure to consider the square feet of your living space. For example, a 1000 sq feet home might require a 30,000 BTU heating system. 

Feeling Cold Most of the Time

When ambient air temperature around your home seems lower than usual, it might be time to replace your heat pump with something new and energy-efficient. Why deal with frequent HVAC breakdowns when you can simply go for heating replacement in Pointe-Claire, QC, and take advantage of a unit that operates at much higher efficiency? Please feel free to contact the pros for immediate and expert assistance. 

It Has Started Making Strange Noises

It's not uncommon for your heat pump to create noise while running. But if it makes rattling sounds, it could mean a sediment buildup in the heat exchanger that should be addressed immediately. 

When left unattended for days or weeks, this buildup may cause a crack in the heat exchanger, allowing carbon monoxide to sip out from the unit. Remember that carbon monoxide is a toxic, odorless gas that can put you and your family in danger even with short-term exposure. 

If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, please don't hesitate to give a local HVAC contractor a call before it's too late. 

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