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Scary AC Noises You Should Never Ignore

Apr 11

ac repairIt’s normal for your air conditioner to create noise during operation. While some subside after a few days, others may persist, indicating a serious problem with your unit and requiring immediate AC repair in Amesbury, MA

Below are common noises your air conditioners make that you should not take lightly:


Most parts of your air conditioner, specifically the fan blades and the motor, are likely to loosen with frequent use and time, creating a rattling or scraping sound, so please feel free to contact the pros in AC repair in Amesbury, MA for a thorough inspection. If you have prior experience and tools, you can tighten them on your own. But for better and safer results, it’s best to leave the job to an expert. 

A scraping noise can also mean a broken AC component, and when left unfixed for days, it might cause your monthly electric bills to increase or, worse, lead to a premature unit breakdown. 


It’s common for AC metal ducts to cause a loud banging sound every time it expands and contracts. But when it continues, it’s time to consider a larger air vent to accommodate the airflow. You can ask for help from a technician with in-depth expertise in AC repair in Amesbury, MA to make the process easy and seamless. 

Aside from a small vent, a banging noise can indicate a problem with your unit’s ignition that should be addressed right away. Without ignition, it’s impossible to achieve your desired temperature at home. So, call for AC repair as soon as possible. 


A loud booming sound coming from your air conditioner can also be scary. It is usually caused by a gas buildup that can create a crack in your heat exchanger or disable your air conditioning appliance. 

If you start to hear a booming noise, it might be tempting to inspect your unit yourself. But your limited knowledge and equipment can make things worse. To avoid any guesswork and increase your safety, it’s wise to consider professional AC repair in Amesbury, MA


A click from your air conditioning thermostat is normal every time your unit turns on or off. However, quick and continuous clicking can be a sign of a serious electrical problem, bad capacitors, faulty contactors, or damaged switches. For an accurate diagnosis, a local HVAC company trusted for AC repair in Amesbury, MA will always be ready to lend you a hand. 


Bubbling or hissing sound is another scary noise that your air conditioning system can create when there’s a leak in the refrigerant line. Don’t forget that refrigerant is needed for your HVAC unit to operate at its best. With low refrigerant, your air conditioner will have a hard time working, compromising your comfort and increasing your electric bills. Thus, make sure to have the cracks or holes patched up as early as now. 


Have you also noticed a grinding noise from your air conditioner but don’t know where it’s coming from exactly? It’s in the air handler. Like the unit’s motor, the air handler consists of bearings that help it run smoothly. But over time, they wear and tear, causing friction and creating this sound. Without professional AC repair in Amesbury, MA, your unit is more likely to burn out. 

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