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How To Save On Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Apr 18

air conditioningSummer is blazing hot which naturally prods most people to crank up their AC to cool down fast. However, doing so may put a huge strain on your air conditioning Billeud, LA and your wallet leading to high energy bills. 

So, what are the best ways to use your air conditioning system efficiently? Here are the steps you can foll

Set It and Forget It

Set your thermostat to an ideal home temperature helps you keep your home comfortable while maximizing your savings. Duing summer, the recommended temperature is at 78 degrees.

Change Air Filters Regularly

When air filters get dirty and clogged, it also impacts airflow. 

Any obstruction can actually increase your energy bills because the AC unit will have to work harder to push air through the blockage. When this happens during peak seasons like winter or summer, this puts much strain on your air conditioning system and could affect its efficiency and lifespan. 

It’s recommended to replace filters regularly or at least once every three months to allow good circulation. When your air conditioning system is running optimally, it will consume less energy and help you save more on your energy consumption.

Keep the AC Running

Some people assume that turning your air conditioner off when you leave home saves you money and energy. However, because you decided to turn the AC off all day, it will have to work extra harder to cool the entire house once you turn it back on.

Leaving your air conditioner on even when you are away helps it cool your home all throughout the day. You can set it at a higher temperature when you’re away so that when you or any family member comes home and adjust the thermostat back to its regular setting, the AC system won’t have difficulty reverting or complying with your request. 

Use a Ceiling Fan

Did you know that using a ceiling fan can actually cool your home by 10 degrees? It’s also more affordable and use up less energy compared to your air conditioning Billeud, LA. This helps boost room air circulation and make it more cozy and comfortable.

Invest in Regular or Annual AC Maintenance  

Your air conditioning system needs annual or seasonal maintenance to keep it in good running condition just like a car would. Missing your regular maintenance schedule would lead to frequent breakdowns and negatively impacts its performance. 

Some people think that it’s an unnecessary expense but having annual maintenance for your air conditioning Billeud, LA can save you from constant headaches and expenses with unnecessary repairs. While it may appear like you’re spending more than you should with annual air conditioner maintenance – you actually get to save more money in the long run. 

Check Vents for Any Blockage

If you experience unstable room temperature or one room is warmer while the others are cool then you might want to check on the vents. Make sure that the supply vents are open and that nothing is blocking it like toys, books, or any furniture.

Save More With Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance!

The above tips will help you increase the efficiency level of your air conditioning system while keeping unnecessary expenses at bay. If you are looking to save more on AC energy bills, then it’s a must to not skip your scheduled annual AC maintenance. 

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