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When Should You Replace Your Current Air Conditioner?

Jul 28

Replacing your air conditioner is a big decision you cannot make lightly. You must factor in the installation cost and the price of the unit itself. Additionally, you must decide whether to repair or replace your current air conditioner. You also must consider the energy efficiency of your unit and compare it to newer, more efficient models.

Signs You Need a New AC System

Not every homeowner knows when their air conditioner needs to be replaced. To make the best decision for your home, it is important to be able to recognize the signs that indicate it may be time for a new AC system.

Here's when you need to switch to another cooling unit:

Limited Airflow
It's not uncommon for your AC to gradually lose its ability to effectively cool your home over time. What most people do is add more refrigerant, replace the filter, or clean the ductwork believing that will fix the problem.

If your unit is still no longer up to your cooling requirements, this is a sign you need a new system, and you can ask AC installation Bixby, OK contractor for professional assistance to make the process a lot easier and less stressful.

High Energy Bills
Air conditioners run more often to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the peak summer months. It is no wonder that your energy bill will be higher during this time.

But if you've noticed your energy bills gradually increasing year after year, even if you're not using your AC unit more, you can never go wrong with a new and more energy-efficient model.

But with the variety of cooling equipment on the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the perfect unit for your home. This is where an AC installation Bixby, OK specialist comes in to help you pick the right fit for your needs!

Strange Noises
Like any other machines, air conditioners also make noise when running. But if you start to hear strange sounds coming from the system, this is an indication that something is wrong with your unit.

Rattling, for instance, could be a sign that the fan blades are hitting something inside the unit. Meanwhile, hissing or bubbling sounds could mean there's a refrigerant leak. These are just some examples of strange noises that should not be ignored as they can lead to more serious problems if left unchecked.

Foul Smells
It's perfectly normal for a newly installed AC to produce a slight burning smell during the first few hours of use. This is because of the oils used to lubricate the system's moving parts. However, if that weird smell persists, that's something you should take seriously. 

It's essential to have a certified technician inspect your system to determine the source of the problem. Not only will this help avoid further damage to your unit, but it will also ensure your safety.

Importance of Having Your Unit Inspected by the Pros 

There are many signs that show you need a new air conditioner. What if your AC system is working just fine? But you still can't relax knowing that your unit is already old and outdated.

The best way to find out if your system needs to be replaced is through a professional inspection. This will help ensure that your air conditioner is still up to par and can effectively cool your home for many years to come.

A professional AC installation Bixby, OK contractor has the experience and expertise to properly assess your cooling system and determine its condition. They will also be able to give you an honest recommendation on whether you need a new unit or not.

Talk to the Right Experts!

Deciding whether or not to replace your air conditioner is a big decision. It's important to consult with the most trusted AC installation Bixby, OK experts like Cartwright Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to ensure you're making the best decision for your home and budget. 

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