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Habits That Can Harm The Health of Your A/C Unit

Aug 1

A/C repair Arlington, TXAir conditioners are intricate pieces of machinery, and it's not uncommon that you might not be using your unit in the right way. What's worse is that you might not even realize that your actions are already harming your A/C system. Keep reading to see if you might be making any of these mistakes:

Frequently Adjusting Your Thermostat

We get it, you want to be comfortable. But did you know that whenever you adjust the thermostat, your air conditioner has to work harder? That's right, every time you change the temperature, your cooling system has to use more energy to reach the desired setting. This is why you should only adjust the temperature when absolutely necessary to reduce your monthly energy bills and prolong the lifespan of your unit. And make sure to do so in increments of no more than four degrees to avoid putting too much strain on your system.

Closing the Registers

While you might think that closing some of the vents in your home will force more cool air into the rooms you actually use, this is counterproductive. When you close off registers, it creates a pressure imbalance which could cause your A/C unit to work overtime - and rack up your energy bill in the process. So, leave those registers open and let the cool air flow freely!

Dealing with the Repairs on Your Own 

The discomfort a malfunctioning air conditioner brings is enough to make anyone want to fix it as soon as possible. But dealing with A/C repair Arlington, TX on your own could do more harm than good. Not only will you likely not be able to fix the problem, but you could also end up voiding your warranty or even damaging your unit beyond repair.

With a qualified contractor, on the other hand, a thorough inspection will be conducted to accurately diagnose the reason why your air conditioner breaks down. After that, they will provide you with a detailed repair plan that can ensure that any minor and serious issues with your unit are being taken care of.

Not Scheduling Regular Preventive Maintenance 

People wait until their air conditioners malfunction before they call for professional help. But by then, the damage has already been done, and A/C repair Arlington, TX can be costly. To avoid this, you should schedule regular preventive maintenance check-ups at least once a year. This will help ensure that your unit is always in good shape and that any potential problems are handled efficiently before they turn into major problems.

Forgetting to Change the Filter

As your filter traps dirt, dust, and other airborne particles, it will eventually get clogged. And when that happens, your air conditioner will have to work hard time pushing air through the filter, which could lead to a host of problems like reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption. So, let the A/C repair Arlington, TX contractors do what they do best - clean and change your filter for you!

Ignoring the Outdoor Unit

Your A/C's outdoor unit is just as important as the indoor one, which is why you have to keep it clean and free of any debris like leaves and twigs. You should also trim back any shrubs or plants that might be blocking the unit. Not only will this help improve airflow, but it will also make it easier for the A/C repair Arlington, TX contractor to access the unit in case it needs some attention.

Call the Pros If Your A/C System Is No Longer Keeping You Comfortable! 

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